Cardiff/ Ho Chi Minh based skateboard comapany set up by Tariq Kinani and Kane Nugent (Website currently being updated)

HD edit with Kevin Barry.



Mega Pixels, by Kevin Barry.

After years of putting claims to making the greatest video since Sorry. And then filming the greatest video since Chomp On This. And then never actually uploading the footage due to not having the right cables, thus creating the greatest hype for a video since The Girl Chocolate Video. Kev, four or maybe five years on has now finally found a medium that is capable of letting his genius shine through like a boarded up window, without any technical hiccups. This video is a ultimate portrayal of the Cardiff scene, low budget, dirty, mostly out of focus, that homeless guy with a dreadlock who sticks his head into every shot, crying, a good amount of swinging chins and Ainsley Harriot. Keep an eye out for CSC hero Tom Hobson pulling out a few crowd pleasers in between defending the good cause in London.

Distinct lack of triangles in this video though. Just sayin’.

Speaks for itself.

  • 23 April 2012
  • 8